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Mobile Wall Climbing

Are you organising your staff Team Building Day or office fun afternoon in Belfast or anywhere in Northern Ireland?

If the answer is yes, we can bring the adventure to you with one or two mobile climbing walls.

Our portable rock climbing walls have been towed all over the country for various events and organisations. Alternatively if you need a venue, you can always come to us at Mobile Team Adventure, Ardnavally Scout Centre near Shaw’s Bridge, Belfast. Lots of Corporate Team Building Days are dreaded by employees as they have the fear that they are going to be forced to do something with peer pressure.

Our Team building days are light hearted, energetic and great fun. Having a rock wall as either a standalone activity or part of a multi activity day or afternoon is a great addition.

Some people love to conquer a fear, others just want to show off. We believe using the analogy; for someone to be successful to climb a rock face or mountain they need someone to hold the rope so success should be shared. Everyone can take part with rock climbing without even leaving the ground. Every Team Player has a job to do. Either climb, hold the rope for safety, offer guidance or encouragement to fellow team members and colleagues. Everyone has their part to play.

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Safety is our main priority.

Four people can climb at the same time, with potentially 60 people per hour having a couple of climbs each.

We use automatic belay devices and can also set up a rope system alongside the auto belay to give 100% control and safety to get everyone engaged with activity and teamwork.

For more information feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

  • Are there body weight restrictions?

    We have XS-XL harnesses, but we also have a policy; if we have the kit to fit, any individual can climb. The maximum individual body weight we can allow is 19st.

    Safety is our main priority. If your event was a standalone event we would ask Individuals to sign our Health & Safety Registration Form with a medical disclaimer on the day. If part of a multi activity event would email Health & Safety Registration Forms to you in advance to be completed.

    We manage the safety of the wall and provide crowd control barriers around the wall in the way of fence barriers or cones & roped off depending upon the location.

  • What’s the minimum rental period for the wall?

    You can rent the wall for any amount of time, but the minimum charge is two hours, due to the delivery, set-up and take-down times involved.

  • Can we rent the wall and use our own staff to man the wall?

    Yes, this may be possible. If you want to provide your own staff you will also need to provide your own insurance and proof of qualifications for the event in advance.

    Mobile Team Adventure instructors are trained to national standards and first aid qualified and as a company hold a nationally recognised Adventuremark accreditation.

  • Will we have enough room to fit the mobile climbing wall?

    The portable rock wall arrives horizontal on a lorry style trailer and access through gateways may need to be checked, both walls are 7’7″ wide and 9′ high when horizontal and 28′ long.

    A height clearance of 28 feet is required for when it’s standing. You may need to careful about overhead cables or trees as well.

    The wall needs an area footprint of 6m by 14m on firm ground (grass is fine – but if it has rained heavily it may be too soft).

  • Can the mobile climbing wall still be used in bad weather, or if it’s raining?

    Our portable rock walls are waterproof just like you.

    We can still operate our climbing walls in the rain as long as it’s not raining too heavy as it’s not so pleasant climbing and the automatic belays may become slippery and cause a faster decent.

    Thunderstorms and gusting wind speeds exceeding 30mph will stop the wall being used and would need to be lowered for safety reasons. This is at the discretion of our instructors.

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