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Mountain Bike

Do you want to bring a new level of adventure to your family fun day?

If yes, our mobile mountain bike (MTB) obstacle course is a great addition for those that can ride a bike, especially teenagers that want to be challenged. We set up a low level MTB course that doesn’t look difficult but is a great challenge for any rider.

Not necessarily a speed obstacle course, but the skill in being able to control and ride your mountain bike without putting your feet on the ground. The setup is suitable for all abilities that can ride a bike.

All our bikes are regularly serviced and maintained. We complete an ‘M’ safety check prior to every ride. Each individual will be required to wear a helmet for their own safety. We use collapsible cones and very low obstacles for participants to weave in and out of. Being able to show off their balance, we use planks of wood to create an uneven surface, small balance beams, giant hurdles to go under, even a STOP balance zone. Getting your speed, control and balance are all important skills required, before you take on the small ramp to jump and take air!

Ideally suited to a flat grass area or hard standing we set up a mix of obstacles that will challenge and engage any age group.

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Safety is our main priority.

Individuals would first need to sign in onto our Health & Safety Form and those under 16 years old a parental/guardian will need to sign upon reading a medical disclaimer.

We manage the safety of the obstacle course and provide crowd control barriers or rope off the whole area and put up safety signage where needed.

For more information feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

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