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7 Reasons to Send Your Child to a Summer Scheme!


When ‘schools out’ for summer, kids need fun and thrilling activities to fill those long summer days. A good summer scheme is the perfect way for children to meet new people, try something different, indulge in an activity they love and find adventure. The Mobile Team Adventure Summer Scheme Belfast involves 5 weeks of fun at Shaw’s Bridge, Belfast. There are so many reasons to send your child to a summer scheme this year – it’s all about the adventure that the summer can bring!


1. Learn New Skills

The wide range of activities at summer schemes will allow children to learn so many new skills. Our summer scheme involves both wet and dry activities such as Canoeing and Orienteering. Kids will have to learn how to communicate and work in teams, develop strong leadership skills and become more independent.

During summer schemes, your child will grow in confidence and resilience too. They will have to take on new activities and deal with tricky, adrenaline-filled situations that they wouldn’t face at school – some of our top activities include Canoeing, Gorge Walking and River Tubing! These are excellent ways for children to grow and learn over the summer. Children learn to make decisions and become more resilient as they progress through our activities.

2. Build Friendships and Social Skills

It’s well known that attending summer schemes allow children to engage with other children from different schools, areas and backgrounds. This is a brilliant way for them to build new friendships and enhance their social skills.

Let them go outside of their comfort zone this summer at Mobile Team Adventure’s Summer Scheme – this way they are more prepared for future situations where they may not know everyone and have to adapt, such as entering a new school or starting university.

We encourage all children to get involved and have fun together, in our Water Games and during our Orienteering activities. By the end of the summer, children will have had the best summer because they have developed new, strong friendships and found great adventure along the way!

3. Keep Fit & Healthy

There is great temptation for kids today to stay at home and play video games or scroll through social media. However, physical activity is great for the body and the mind!

Our summer schemes are energetic and exciting and are guaranteed to get your kids moving and build up their fitness! Our Mini Gorge Walking or Sport-4-All activities are sure to keep them fit and healthy.

4. Promotes growth in a safe environment

Although kids will enjoy the freedom to play and choose activities that interest them, a summer scheme also provides a safe, comforting and structured environment.

When a child feels safe and secure, they feel free to explore their interests, to play and to laugh. Camp gives kids a chance to express themselves and learn who they are.

5. Endless Outdoor Activities

It’s so important that children explore the great outdoors in the summer, especially if we are lucky enough to get any good weather!

Getting outside and trying new things means kids can explore their talents and discover new things about themselves. At our Summer Scheme, this could mean finding a new love for Canoeing! Or discovering great skills in Crazy Golf! So instead of being indoors playing games consoles, kids are actually discovering new talents outdoors in the fresh air, and this also builds their confidence.

6. Keep Learning throughout the Summer

Learning doesn’t have to stop in the summer. The summer scheme at Mobile Team Adventure encourages children to continue learning, adapting and learning some more!

This is a great way for kids to keep their minds active. Many of our activities involve planning, logic, problem-solving, decision making and good communication, such as our Blind Trial or Orienteering. Kids also learn how to work best in teams, which is so useful for later academic and working life. As well as this, our activities can help kids develop better co-ordination and balance, and it can help them gain a stronger ability to complete more practical tasks!

7. Get back into Nature & Find Adventure

There really is nothing better than fresh air and the great outdoors. Whilst there are many distractions and temptations to stay inside, our summer scheme has so much to offer and the opportunities to find adventure outdoors are endless!

Here is a full list of our Summer Scheme activities:

  • Canoeing at Shaw’s Bridge
  • Orienteering
  • Sport-4-All
  • River Tubing
  • Adventure Walks
  • Mini Gorge Walking
  • Crazy Golf
  • Cycling trip
  • Bushcraft


Summer Schemes are such a brilliant way for your child to spend the warm days in July and August, and they really can make it what they want it to be.

At Mobile Team Adventure’s summer scheme, the most important thing is that children enjoy a summer jam-packed with fun and adventure. We want your child to learn the skills they’ve always wanted to learn, find great friends and discover new talents along the way.

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