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We can bring the adventure to you with our mobile archery unit.

We have provided archery all over the country for various sizes of businesses, alternatively you can come to us at Mobile Team Adventure, near Shaw’s Bridge, Belfast where we have our own target archery range.

Archery is a great leveller with staff, as an Olympic sport for all abilities and very low risk individuals love to be able to have the opportunity to shoot.

For those with special needs or assistance we can accommodate you as this is a sport for all.

Mobile Team Adventure believe that everyone should be able to hit the target with assistance. Just like setting SMART goals in business we too want you to be able to achieve a great score by making sure the targets are not too far away; play inclusive games and achievable competitions suitable for the complete beginner up to an expert.

Call us

Pre pay & reserve your timeslot, contact Stella in the office.

Tel: 028 9064 6695

Safety is our main priority.

Individuals would first need to sign in onto our Health & Safety Form and those under 16 years old a parental/guardian will need to sign upon reading a medical disclaimer.

We manage the safety of the archery range and provide crowd control barriers or rope off the whole area and put up safety signage where needed.

For more information feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

  • What’s the minimum hire period for an Archery session?

    You can rent the archery for half an hour or one hour, but the minimum charge will be based on two hours unless you are having archery as part of a multi team building event.

  • Can we just rent the Archery equipment?

    Unfortunately, this is not possible.

    Archery can be a dangerous sport if not managed correctly by qualified, experienced people. Our insurance would not cover Mobile Team Adventure or you.

    Our instructors are trained to national standards, and hold a valid first aid qualification, as a company we also hold a nationally recognised Adventuremark accreditation.

  • Is our venue suitable to hold an archery session?

    We are happy to discuss this with you, just give us a call, we will consider the following:

    • Access – where we set up the archery range can the sides and rear be cordoned off to warn there is no access during the event or have a natural boundary like a solid wall?
    • Are there any features such as fences, walls, banks etc. we could use to help control access and overshoot were possible if an arrow was to miss the target? Are you planning on using a carpark, green space or even a large office space?
  • How many targets will you provide for the Archery session?

    Depending upon the type of event, we usually recommend two or three targets, we’d also bring along a stop net; set up in a zoned off area to keep everything safe.

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