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Laser Tag

Are you organising a Community or Corporate Family Day, or somewhere in Northern Ireland and want an inclusive, pain free and exciting game for all abilities?

If the answer is yes, we can bring the adventure to you with our mobile Laser Tag Activity. We have provided Laser Tag all over the country for various councils and community groups and encouraged all ages to participate.

Alternatively if you have no venue, you can come to us at Mobile Team Adventure, near Shaw’s Bridge, Belfast where we can create a battle field for you using large inflatable obstacles and natural features.

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Tel: 077 4901 1283

Fun for all the family!

Laser tag is a fun activity enjoyed by both adults, kids and even Granny’s standing at the side like a sniper!

Two teams will be created, placed in position and ready for the battle to commence. Who will win – reds or blues?

This pain-free, intriguing activity gives the participants the opportunity to enhance their communication skills, thinking skills and teamwork abilities.

Hits are recorded through the two sensors on the head bands and a sensor on the laser gun. Compete in teams, protect the VIP or determine who really is the best player, there are lots of game scenarios and really is something for everyone in this exciting game.

Safety is our main priority.

For those with special needs or assistance we can accommodate you as this is a game for all.

Individuals would first need to sign in onto our Health & Safety Form and those under 16 years old a parental/guardian will need to sign upon reading a medical disclaimer.

We manage the safety of the battle field and provide crowd control barriers or rope off the whole area and put up safety signage where needed.

For more information feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

  • What’s the minimum hire period for Laser Tag?

    We would recommend you rent at least one hour, however the minimum charge will be based on two hours.

    The reason for this is because time flights when you’re having fun; and it takes us a good 30-45 minutes to set up. In order for us to complete a dynamic risk assessment, and to ensure that we get your battle field set up in time to start your session we usually arrive one hour before.

  • Can we just rent the Laser Tag equipment?

    Unfortunately this is not possible. The guns are just too expensive and complex, plus our insurance would not cover Mobile Team Adventure or you.

  • Is our venue suitable to hold Laser Tag?

    We are happy to discuss this with you, just give us a call, we will consider the following:

    • Where are you thinking of locating the laser tag Battle Field and do you have a grass area or hard standing or a wooded area that would be at least 30mx30m?
  • How many laser tag guns do you have per game?

    Depending upon the type of event, battlefield size, and event; usually between 10-20 guns.

    We also need to consider how you want to run your event. Either we have timed slots or sessions for so many minutes or you have a drop in and out as people lose all their lives.

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