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Laser Tag

Are you organising your son or daughter’s Birthday party and looking for laser tag as an exciting and inclusive game for all abilities?

If the answer is yes, we can bring the battlefield adventure to you with our mobile Laser Tag Activity. We have provided Laser Tag all over the country for many birthday parties of all ages. Alternatively, you can come to us at Mobile Team Adventure, near Shaw’s Bridge, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Laser tag is a fun activity and enjoyed by everyone and is pain free (as opposed to paintball)! With a minimum age of about 5 or 6 years due to the weight of the laser tag guns, it’s non-contact so great for a mixed aged party.

Two teams will be created, placed in position and ready for the battle to commence. Who will win – reds or blues? This party activity gives the participants the opportunity to enhance their commando skills, thinking strategically and work with friends to win. Hits are recorded through two sensors on the head band and a sensor on the laser gun. Competing in teams, protect the VIP Birthday boy or Birthday girl or determine who really the best player is.

There really is something for everyone with the range of different games we offer.

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Pre pay & reserve your timeslot, contact John in the office.

Tel: 077 4901 1283

Safety is our main priority.

For those with special needs or assistance we can accommodate you as this is a game for all.

You would be emailed a Health & Safety Registration Form in advance so you can gain parental/guardian permission upon reading a medical disclaimer for our insurance.

To book or for more information please contact us to discuss your needs.

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