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Mini Assault Course

Are you looking for an activity that both kids and adults can do together at your family fun day event?

If yes, our mini assault course is great for all those little kids that may not be big enough for the inflatable obstacle courses to be challenged and still suitable for the bigger kids.

Our low level obstacle course is designed to get everyone active in a fun way by encompassing lots of the basic motor skills required for day to day life. Balance, agility, coordination, jumping and running or walking are all required to complete the Mini Assault Course.

Ideally suited to a flat grass area, we set up a mix of obstacles that will challenge and engage any age group.

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Book online to pre pay & reserve your timeslot for Mini Assault Course.

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Pre pay & reserve your timeslot, contact John in the office.

Tel: 077 4901 1283

For those with special needs or assistance we can accommodate you as this is a sport for all.

In the past we have had people in wheelchairs complete the course. Safety is our main priority.

Individuals would first need to sign in onto our Health & Safety Form and those under 16 years old a parental/guardian will need to sign upon reading a medical disclaimer.

We manage the safety of the obstacle course and provide crowd control barriers or rope off the whole area and put up safety signage where needed.

For more information feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

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