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Rafted Canoeing

Planning your staff Team Building Day or office fun afternoon in Belfast and want an engaging water-based activity for all?

If the answer is YES, Mobile Team Adventure recommend using rafted canoes for your Corporate Team Building event as they are safe and very stable encouraging individuals to work together.

Suitable for up to 8 individual adults we use two Pyranha Venture canoes joined together with planks and bungees to make a stable ‘catamaran’ style craft. You can choose to play fun games, head to head competitions and races with the other rafts, learn basic canoeing skills, or just simply enjoy a relaxing paddle watching wildlife. Or your corporate group might like to complete a river clean up on their local waterway within Northern Ireland.

Over the years Mobile Team Adventure have provided Rafted Canoes for lots of businesses throughout Northern Ireland for various events from a canoeing Regatta, to a Team Challenge Zone as part of a bigger Team Building day or afternoon. A Canoe Race makes a great finale to any team day out, encouraging all ages to participate and an experience not to be forgotten.

Rafted canoeing is great for bringing the inner child out of every adult, some people just love to participate and not necessarily get wet whilst others end up jumping in! Lots of Corporate Team Building Days are dreaded by employees as they have the fear that they are going to be forced to do something with peer pressure. We don’t force anyone to participate and everyone has the option to opt out at any time.

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Our team building days are light hearted, energetic and great fun.

Having rafted canoes as either a standalone activity or part of a multi activity day or afternoon is a great addition.

Teams working together and pulling their paddle through the water at the same time will make the canoes glide though the water much more efficiently. This shows that everyone has their part to play to being a successful team back in the work place.

We provide everything that you need for you corporate event to be safe on the water, such a buoyancy aids etc. For those with special needs or assistance we can accommodate you, this is an excellent craft for all, the hardest bit is usually the decision to get into the canoes!

Safety is our main priority; we would forward our Health & Safety Medical Forms in advance to be completed by individuals.

All rafted canoes can be accompanied by an engaging, qualified member of staff that will manage the safety of the group depending upon your style of event

For more information feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

  • What’s the minimum hire period for Rafted Canoes?

    For any event we would recommend a minimum of at least one hour, however the minimum charge will be based on two hours depending upon the style of your Team Building Event.

    We would be happy to discuss what you are planning, if it is a standalone event or an activity zone or part of a bigger Team Building Day or afternoon event. Whatever corporate event, we will complete a dynamic risk assessment to ensure your event is organised and planned safely. Mobile Team Adventure staff usually arrive one hour before to set up your event.

  • Can we just rent the Rafted Canoes?

    YES, depending upon your type of event and location.

    Mobile Team Adventure would also provide qualified, experienced staff to look after you.

  • Is our venue suitable to use Rafted Canoes?

    We are happy to discuss this with you, just give us a call, we will consider the following:

    What stretch of water are you thinking of canoeing? The time of year? Is the lake or waterway exposed to the weather, especially windy conditions? Are there fast flowing currents? Finally, can we access the water legally and easily enough with a trailer?

  • How many people can you accommodate at once?

    Depending upon the type of event.

    We have enough canoes and buoyancy aids, helmets to have approximately 80 people on the water in Rafted Canoes at the same time.

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