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Basic Bushcraft / Survival Skills

We are not experts in bush craft like Ray Mears but we do know enough for a great introductory session.

Our bush craft skills that we deliver for adults are the foundations and perfect for people to get engaged and learn something new in a short period of time.

Educational fun outdoor learning that’s suitable for all levels of people, those that love being adventurous, making a shelter good enough to sleep in and learning how to build fire to toast marshmallows or even cook dinner.

Teams will work together to scavenge and find their own natural resources from the environment around them to build their own survival shelter big enough for everyone. Alternatively, we use modern tarpaulin and ropes to build a shelter if inclement weather or lacking in woodland. Engaging instructors will assist as required and demonstrate the principles of Leave No Trace using dead wood and not damaging trees and bushes as you build.

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A truly unique, immersive experience that everyone will remember.

Once the shelters are completed, we learn the main principles of fire lighting, then in pairs using a flint and steel we’ll have a go at lighting a fire.

Fire lighting is all about preparation, collecting tinder, kindling and larger sticks to burn before even trying to ignite anything.

Once the fire is going strong, we then have the luxury of toasting marsh mallows on wooden skewers; our favourite part!

Getting back to nature and giving up your mod cons, bushcraft allows you to enjoy the great outdoors up close and personal.

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