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Mobile Skittles Bowling Alley

Love Ten Pin Bowling, so why not hire your own skittles bowling alley?

Mobile Team Adventure’s traditional styled skittles bowling is a game of nine pins, nearly ten (known as skittles), just like ten pin bowling you bowl 3 balls to knock down pins. Skittles is a perfect family game and ideal to play in your own back garden!

Our skittles bowling alley is mobile and adjustable so that it can fit into most venues, such as your own back garden, and is assembled in half an hour. Our bowling skittle alley hire can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities, and is disability accessible.

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Great for both inside and outdoor play!

Being portable and in sections, it measures approx. 27 feet long and 3’6″ wide; it can also be made shorter if space is limited.

We supply nine full size hardwood skittles and 3 bowling balls which can be played either inside or outdoors.

For more information feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

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